Download LayoutEditor Portable 20170530 software

Download LayoutEditor Portable 20170530


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  • Easily design layouts for MEMS, IC, MCM or PCB fabrication

    Whats new in version 20170530:
    New Features:
    • manual is available for offline use, download on the general download page
    • SchematicEditor and TextEditor are now part of the basic and reduced version
    • adjustment of the mixing mode of BackgroundImage, User Interface:
    • scale on selected elements will be performed on demand after any paste, Macros:
    • add new method to cell class: cell::selectedElement(element *e==NULL),
    • add extend method to cell class: cell::deselectText( string text, int layer=-1); optinal parameter layer
    • add extend method to cell class cell::selectText( string text, int layer=-1); optinal parameter layer
    • add new method to element class: ccell::addPath(pointArray points,int layer,int width), File Formats:
    • import of orcad netlists,
    • SVG import can now handle data path repeation commands, Bug Fixes:
    • display problem of the slider on some platforms,
    • high processor load due to an unneeded often screen update,
    • display problem of styles other than layout,
    • mapping of partial selected pathes,
    • se...

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